Do I need to worry about my propane pipes freezing?
Can I pick the color of my tank?
Why are you so nice?
Can I run an external propane line to my shed out back?
At what time of year is my propane consumption highest?
What if my tank gets rusty and stuff?
Can I submit my own question?
How do I get my service switched to Sharp?
Does a Sharp Safety Inspection include the tank?
Is my propane okay if the ground freezes?
How’s propane refined?
How’s propane different from natural gas?
Is there a fancy type of propane?
Is propane green?
Sharp, who do you root for come football season?
Can I get a bigger tank?
How do you know when it’s time for a refill?
Why should I care about propane in the summer?
Do I have to be home when you fill the tank?
Will you be my grill-friend?
Is it possible to have multiple propane lines out to my backyard?
What appliances use the most propane? What about the least?
So Auto Fill – how does that work?
Can I keep the tank from my last house?
Will a tank fit in my backyard?
Is propane a more efficient fuel for back-up generators?
Is there a computer in my tank?
Are there winter precautions I need to take?
What’s the largest tank I can get for a residential application?
How do I turn on the propane in my new house?
What’s the most you’ve ever delivered at once?
As the weather cools this fall, how will that change my propane usage?
Sharp, what are your plans for this fall?
I didn’t know I had a tank. Is that bad?
Why do you call yourselves The Propane Professionals?
Does my tank need insurance?
How deep can I bury my propane tank?
Can I run my Jacuzzi off the same propane as my pool?
Can I come on a ride along?
Can a dual fuel range use propane?
Why does propane smell like rotten eggs?
I’m going on a trip. What can I do to conserve propane while I’m gone?
How do I know my propane system is ready for a cold winter?
What can I do with my old tank?
Is my tank always on?
Does propane make my food taste better?
When’s a good time to get a new tank installed?
How does Sharp work with builders?
Can hail damage my tank?
Do gas prices affect propane?
Can you estimate my propane consumption?
I just bought a new gas appliance. Is it ready for propane?
Can I turn my old tank into a grill?
Can I hook up my grill to my house’s tank?
Does propane effect global warming?
How automatic is Auto Fill?
How’s the propane business these days?
When’s a good time to call for service?
How will I know when I’ve gotten a delivery?
Can I dig up my tank and move it?
Does propane become more efficient in cooler weather?
What’s the fine print on the 24/7 Always There™ Guarantee?
Is it better to hook up my grill to my house?
How fast does a snowman melt in a propane heated swimming pool?
Does gas station gas work in my tank?
How many hot dogs can I cook with a 250 gallon tank?
Why Sharp and not the other guy?
How should I change my cooking for propane?
Why is my bill the same every month?
If I smell propane, what should I do?
What makes Sharp Propane different from other companies?
How’s my propane better than electricity?
Can I plant stuff above the tank?
How do I know when I need a refill?
What happens if I spend more upfront on Easy Pay than I use in propane?
What is Smart Monitoring?
What percentage is my tank at when smart monitoring notifies auto fill?
Are all tanks surface mounted or can they be buried?
Does anyone ever use a refurbished tank?
How’d this pool get so warm?
Will my propane go out when the power goes out?
Can your drivers fill my BBQ tank too?
What if I need propane before my next scheduled delivery?
Can a drought affect the safety of my tank?
Can I dig a fire pit by my tank?
Why does my propane fireplace smell when I light it? Is it dangerous?
What kind of propane should I choose?